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      Lavelle Beauty Boutique is your soothing oasis of beauty and wellness located in Burlington. Lavelle is a toxic smell free nail salon that also offers facials, massages, hair removal, eyelash extensions, make up, and microblading.  Prioritizing cleanliness, we ensure pedicure sinks are cleaned, bedsheet are changed and tools are sanitized in between every client.


         We do not offer acrylic or powder gel nails due to the toxic smell that comes with the service, we strongly believe our team and clients should not be exposed to a harmful environment.  We do offer bio gel and dip powder for clients that prefer artificial nails. Our beauty boutique is designed with a very modern concept, its chic, fun and very pink! Perfect for bridal shower, girls spa day and birthdays! We are looking forward to meeting you, providing you with the highest quality service and building a great relationship.

                                  About Us

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